Monday, July 21, 2014


Today is reformat and then reinstall my PC day. I have been using this laptop for I donno 3 years and nothing is wrong with it except the battery which is starting to show signs of wanting to die. The other thing is after 3 years of usage my PC is getting damn lag and slow lah, no doubt because of all the junks it has had to store since day one till now.
So I spent the last couple of hours recustomising my PC display (my windows and text all have to be in a pink theme) while snacking on awesome macadamia nuts that my boyfriend bought hehehehe
I also found time to clean my face!
Omg speaking of this I thought of the super embarrassing thing that happened last week when I met up with my friends Sally and Xin Yi for lunch. You see I spent the last four months in Seoul (during which I spent my birthday), so when I returned, Sally passed me my birthday present which she didn't get to give me on time.
And erm when I got it, I was so touched! Because if it was me I would have jumped at the excuse of my friend being so far away and deliberately forget to get her a present wtf HAHAHAHA yes lah I am a terrible friend I am aware of that wtf
So anyway, before I opened it, she looked a bit sheepish and hurriedly told me what was inside. She said that inside was an excellent cream for blackhead problems and before I even had time to realise I was supposed to be offended she quickly told me that she tried the cream and it worked for her and she thought it would work for me too.
I was like...erm ok that is really nice of her but why did she look so sheepish? And then out of nowhere I suddenly realised that the reason she got me the blackhead cream had got to be because she felt that I have severe blackhead problems WTF
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I mean I wasn't even offended if she had got me the gift without saying anything. And I thought about it I wouldn't even be offended if she had told me straight that my blackheads problem is starting to scare her loh hahahaha just thought it was damn cute that she looked so sheepish and erm made everything so awkward lol
So I decided to give the cream a try and it really works leh!  

Ok so this is the brand, Bioglo and inside the box was an instructions sheet that teaches us how to use the product.

And so I did everything and.....


I swear I used about 2.5 cotton buds (both sides) and each time I did I had this much of stuff on it!!!

Arghhhhhh my nose is really nothing but a gross mushroom with unlimited black dots on it!!! No wonder Sally got me this cream wtf

I will keep using it and keep updates ok! Hopefully one day my nose will go back to being the normal spotless button mushroom wtf

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OMG last blog post was almost a year ago wtf HAHAHAHA

Sorry lah I was really busy and preoccupied with so many things wtf nowadays my life is very happening okay. I am no longer the loner loser I was when I was in high school wtf

Actually I have a lot of materials to blog about but then I am too lazy to transfer all the photos here because my PC is so old. I think about 100 more photos transferred and it will immediately give up one me already wtf

Okay so what happened in the past 8 months. Well... 4ft9 gave birth Cheesie gave birth Qiuqiu went to Seoul for more some plastic surgery etc etc hahaha I am still very updated in the blogosphere lah just that I left mine to rot because nobody is interested in it anymore including its owner wtf

Anyway I just thought I wanted to blog today because I was super duper annoyed when I was trying to sleep last night. You see I am in my longest stretch of holiday for the year, which is equivalent to the summer break in foreign countries, and this holiday lasts for about three months. So naturally as a potato (Badrane called me this wtf) I will just stay up really late and go to sleep really early in the morning and wake up very late in the evening wtf basically I am a bat lah ok

Then last night I was in the midst of trying to switch back my sleeping hours to that of a normal person's lah and I was so excited because at 11pm I was starting to become sleepy!!! So I quickly turned off the lights pulled up my comforter and tried to deceive my body into sleeping but there was something that kept annoying the shit outta me as I lied down!!!


I mean yes I wore a pad to bed and a safety pants and all, but it is still very annoying to be ready to feel comfortable enough to go to bed and then suddenly you get reminded by the most annoying thing a woman can ever feel in her life. Argghhh

All of a sudden I could feel the stupid sodden piece of pad against my butt, the disgusting slimy residue rubbing itself all over my cheeks with every movement I made and I just couldn't lie down comfortably because I knew if I changed my position it would leak FTS

Why do women have to menstruate? Why? Don't say that it is because it enables women to give birth etc because that's just like asking why the sky is blue and answering that it is blue because it is the sky wtf

I mean why do women have to have period to be able to give birth? Why can't we just be able to give birth without having to bleed every single month???

Why don't guys get this kind of torture every month? Why women? Okay women also get the added advantage of being able to bore children etc but still????? Why does period have to happen every month for a large half of our lives??? Why can't we just get our period for the nine months that we are pregnant? That'd be much more tolerable and like makes the woman feel worthwhile because by the end of it we get a baby.

Arghhhhh. ANGRY.

I guess I should be thankful that my period lasts for 4-5 days each day as opposed to my sister's one which lasts up to 7-10 days WTF

Anyway that's all I wanted to rant about because I was seriously sooooooooooooo annoyed last night and kept cursing the way women were created wtf childish I know but everyone has her days ok

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Make-up tutorial: How to change yourself from super ugly to okaylah quite pretty



Nice or not my blog title hahahahaha

Before I start did you guys hear about the stupid news about how Ke$ha allegedly got imprisonment threats if she went ahead and performed her concert here? Wtf man these people have nothing else better to do in their lives.

They think they are doing the right thing but the only thing they have managed to accomplish is to put Malaysia on the list of ‘Most closed-minded and ridiculous and petty and childish countries in the entire world’.

Okay, on to my tutorial. I must say this is not one of my best eye-brows, but the double eyelids and fake drawn-on bottom lashes are actually not too bad haha.


Nah, as you can see, this is me with coloured lens on. I’m sorry I didn’t put a photo of me without coloured lenses but because it’s too ugly lah

Okay on the left photo I didn’t stick on double eyelid stickers so my natural eyelids look a bit lopsided. On the right photo I’ve already stuck on double eyelid stickers and my eyelids look more balanced already. But my eyes memang one big one small one so don’t mind that ok haha


Now I’ve applied dark brown eye shadows at the outer ends on my eyelids. Medium brown in the middle, and very light in the inner corners. It doesn’t have to be dark brown, medium brown then light brown la. As long as the three colours you decide to use are descending in shades la. Like probably Brown, then Gold, then Pearl colour, like that also works one.

As you can see I also drew on eyeliners with a little wink at the ends. As you can see the eyeliner is visible from the inner part of eyes till the ends. That’s because I’ve stuck on double eyelid stickers and they kind of lifted up my lids and gave more space in between for me to draw the line.

But if I didn’t stick double eyelid stickers, the black line is not visible at the inner corners one, only the wink will be visible. Very ugly one.

That’s why even though people keep complaining that my double eyelid sticker is very visible and awkward-looking on my eyelids I don’t care and will still stick them lah. Haha


Then, eyebrows! As you can see, I have very little brow hairs one. So I take that as an advantage and draw a brow shape that I like. But in this tutorial my eyebrows are not very nice lah, but I lazy to erase and draw again. But they are still acceptable lah next time I do a better one.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I also drew on bottom lashes with my eyeliner haha. Just anyhow draw little strokes that frame your eyes then can already.


Then fix your hair apply blusher on the apples of your cheeks and ta-dah!

If you look at my eyes closely you can see the visible double eyelid stickers that people keep complaining about lol

I also shaded the sides of my with nose shadow powder to make my nose appear smaller and higher haha


Profile view.

Now, for my favourite part of all make-up tutorials: Before and After! Haha


I erased one side of the make up haha

Damn ugly right my browless face urghhh and the left side my eye looks visible smaller than the one with make-up hehehe


Hope you enjoyed! Haha BYE!


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hi alls.

Feeling a bit crazy right now because I only had an hour of sleep last night. Blame it on procrastination. And traffic jams. And bad miscalculation on my part.

So what’s happened is I had a film review due today and I began doing it yesterday evening at about 5pm. Had writer’s block, gave up and went to watch TV outside. Returned to my film review every few hours and soon I realised it was already 1230am shit.

Sad down on got to business. Finished it after racking my brains out. Looked to the clock, 230am shit. Would have to print it at college tomorrow. Started packing to go back to UM. Finished packing at about 315am.

Went to bed. No wait, LZ called for about an hour. Tried to sleep. Fell asleep only after half an hour. Finally dozed off for about a second and was aroused by the stupid alarm.

6am in the morning. Gotta head on to UM. Yes, 6am. The Federal Highway jam is a nightmare from 630am onwards. So is the NKVE. So, 6am it was.

Arrived and decided I didn’t want to sleep before my 9am class. Cleaned up my hostel room a bit, found out we had a new roommate! Have yet to meet her, though, she still isn’t back from holiday. She is a Law student! (I discovered after nosing around in her stack of books) Hopefully she speaks English with me?

Anyway. Got ready at 8am. Went to the printer shop downstairs, it was closed. Dammit. Checked the sign on the door: Open from 830am. Fine. Would come back later.

Went back at 840am (gave them a grace period of 10min to be late/get things started up). NOT OPEN FUCK THIS SHIT.

Rushed to UM (my hostel is located outside of campus) in search of printer shops. Went to the regular, not open FTS. Went to another, thankfully it was. Printed out the assignment for submission and rushed to class. Dr Adis doesn’t like late-comers.

Arrived on the dot. Dr Adis walked in within a couple of minutes. Looked into my face and demanded why I had missed two of his classes last week. Abashedly replied that I was on holiday. He smiled and walked away. I like him.

Handed in my assignment. Sat through two very excessively long and info-packed presentations by two of my classmates. Impressed by seemingly Chinese-educated classmate’s command of English. VERY impressed by Chinese-national classmate’s excellent command of English. (Though her accent was a bit difficult to catch initially)

Dr Adis reminded us about tomorrow’s replacement class. Was met with disagreements; some classmates already have classes at the proposed time. Postponed to next Friday. Grumbled. Had packed clothes for two days’ stay in college. Had plans to stay till Friday evening before leaving home. If there had been no class on Friday, would not have packed at all. Would drive to class and then drive back home after class.

But what’s done is done. Will take full advantage of UM’s speedy internet and leave maybe on Friday. Bored at home anyway.

Came back to college without lunch. Ee Vonne had fled to meet her boyfriend. I have no friends. I am a loser.

Decide not to eat lunch. Type this. Typing this. Will sleep after this.

Dunno what else to write about.


Shall leave you with a pretty photo of me.


See ya.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I feel so detached from the world nowadays. Almost like Nearly-Headless Nick. No, even worse than Nick because at least he’s still a bit attached, I feel like I’ve completely been washed ashore of another beach across from the one where everyone else is.

I don’t know. But when I turn on Facebook nowadays, all I see are endless drones and whispers by people who are a world apart from me, in whom I have the slightest interest. Every here and there I see a status I can relate nothing to and even when there are statuses which involve me, I somehow feel like I’m a third person watching from above. Like I’m some sort of astral projection looking down upon the lives of others like in Insidious.

I haven’t been in regular contact with any of my friends, and recently I haven’t been doing anything remotely progressive in my life. I’m just going through the motions, living life as I’m being swayed slowly in my little boat in the middle of the giant sea. I wouldn’t complain usually, but the thing is, I’m starting to get motion-sickness.

I wish this is all due to PMS (it is time, after all) or that it’s just one of my once a couple of months kind of breakdown moments so that in a week’s time I’d be up and running again.

It sure does feel like shit to be alone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


I have something to show you all!









I DIY-ed my fan to rainbow blades! So pretty right!!!

I bought three different colour papers in pink yellow and orange! Orange is actually my least favourite colour of all colours in the world so don’t ask me why I got it.

I actually intended to get pink, turquoise or some mint green and a pastel purple/lavender colour but I only managed to find the pink one.

In the end I thought I would get other happy colours because I was afraid if I got dark colours, when my fan blades spun they would merge together and become brown wtf

I actually got the idea to DIY my fan from a DIY account on Instagram which had like a million followers and this was the photo that was posted!


So pretty right???

So I got my papers and painstakingly measured, drew and cut each piece of paper to fit the front and back of my fan blades. Ok my boyfriend helped me with most of it lol but I did all the cutting ok because it is common knowledge that one should never trust boys with scissors wtf

We used double-sided tape to stick the papers onto the blades.


I couldn’t wait to see the results!









Omg so pretty right!!!

It is like seeing a multicoloured ferris wheel everytime I turn my fan on!


That was a lie.

Like every DIY art ever introduced, there is always this little part where things can go wrong, or go untold.

In this case, that is:


When the fan spins fast (which is whenever you turn it on wtf) the colours of the blades all merge together to become: ORANGE. W.T.F kua kua kua kua…..

But I really should have known right. Red + Yellow was bound to end up orange, add in another orange blade and wtf orange times TWO.


And do you remember me saying that orange is my least favourite colour of all the colours in the world?


The triple-coloured spinning blades I managed to capture on photo above is actually taken when the fan was turned off and the blades were slowly coming to a halt.

Which obviously was how the original DIY artist managed to capture his/her photo too.

But it’s ok! It still looks quite pretty when it’s not turned on and definitely more outstanding than anybody else’s fan around me LOL

I still love it!

Maybe one day I will change the colours of the blades again and this time I will make sure I do more homework about how colours merged so that I won’t end up with a colour that I hate again wtf

I still love it, my DIY rainbow fan! Red heart




I feel that men who wear solid white-coloured trousers are very confident men. Perhaps a little too confident if I were to be a bit more critical. Hmm…but that is not what I want to talk about today.

Today I want to talk about the conclusion I have recently come to draw after a series of very annoying events that happened in my life.

Firstly, the conclusion I made is: people are going to treat you based on the negatives they see in your life, whether or they are your fault, rather than judge you based on the positives in your life, even when they are not your achievements.

Do you guys understand me? Ok I think that sentence is a bit too complicated. So uh like, if you come from a poor background, people are going to look down on you. Even though the poorness of your family is not necessarily your fault right? You were just born into the family, you didn’t contribute to the initial cause of the poorness right? But people don’t care about all that. As long as you don’t wear the more expensive shoes or drive the more luxurious cars, automatically their eyes will move up to the top of their foreheads when they talk to you.

Similarly, when you come from a rich background, people are going to praise you, to respect you, to worship you, even though, as I mentioned, your family’s wealth didn’t/doesn’t actually come from your doings. You are only using your parents’ wealth in your life, to purchase expensive shoes and luxurious cars. But do people care about all that? Nope.

I wonder what gives anyone the permission or right to treat someone without respect? Or even the slightest of acknowledgement?

Two scenarios happened to me in the past month.

Scenario 1

I have this uncle who I was quite close to when I was young. I used to attend dance classes (yes, stop laughing please) at this karaoke club and my uncle was a member of that club as well. So we often met and he would always joke with me, talk to me and even present me with occasional gifts.

However, soon I stopped my classes and just like that we never met anymore. Ok not never, but certainly not every week or even every month. We met only probably twice a year? And those meetings were during family gatherings which all of us had to attend.

So anyway soon enough we became as not close as two relatives can possibly be and now, we can’t even hold a conversation.

During the second to last recent meeting I had with him last month; it was a family lunch, we had met at the restaurant. As he walked past me (because I arrived first and was already seated) I called out to him, “Hi, Uncle,” and he completely and whether deliberately or not, I don’t know, ignored me. He didn’t even acknowledge my existence and he just continued to walk past me and greet other people.

I was damn upset after that because why the hell would he ignore me, correct or not. What wrong could I have possibly done in his eyes, having not met him for months before that? I complained to my mum and she said that he probably didn’t hear me due to his deteriorating hearing (though I didn’t see him having any problems communicating with my other cousins). So I gave him the benefit of the doubt. After all, I’ve always been really respectful towards my elders so I don’t see what I could have possibly done to be ignored that way.

Scenario 2

About a few weeks after that meeting, we had a family gathering again; this was a dinner. My mum cooked prawn noodles and everyone was invited to come. This was at my other aunt’s house so this time, he had arrived before me. I walked into the kitchen and he was there eating. I looked to him, and he looked to me too. I greeted him once again, “Hi, Uncle,” and to my horror, he just looked away without the slightest hint of having seen/heard or acknowledging me.

After that type of greeting my mood immediately went down the drain. I had come to my aunt’s house with a happy heart because duh homemade prawn noodles were my favourite and after being treated that way, I didn’t even feel like being in the same house as he was in anymore. I just wanted to leave and go home.

But what could I do? And wouldn’t that have been childish? I bet he wouldn’t even care to notice that I’d left if I did. He’d probably even be happier I wasn’t there, since he seems to hate me so much.

Seriously, till this day, I haven’t a clue why he treats me like that. Did I unknowingly do something wrong? I don’t think I did because activities in my life rarely, or rather never concern him, in the least bit, so why is he angry at me? To this kind of extent?

Could it be because my boyfriend is Muslim and he is against that? Could it be because he was getting richer each day and I am not so I am becoming a smaller and smaller dot in his life? I seriously have no clue.

Could it be that someone has been bad-talking me behind my back? I don’t know who would bad-talk me and I couldn’t think of something I’ve done that is so bad that it would cause my uncle to hate me so much, seriously. If it was a cousin hating me, it’d be much more possible. Like they could hate the way I dress or the fact that I post too many food photos on Instagram or whatever. But why would an uncle be concerned about those things right?

I’m seriously baffled. The closest conclusion I could come to make was because of his wealth and my non-existent wealth. Because before this, his children (my cousins) have ignored me and my sister before too during family gatherings and we always assumed it was because of how we weren’t rich enough thus didn’t deserve to be in their league of relatives wtf.

With the other cousins, they would be fine. They wouldn’t ignore them or whatever. Only with me and my sister. What did we ever do to deserve this type of treatment? Even if it’s because of our apparent poorness, it is technically not our faults that we are poor, right? Even if they have feuds with our parents, those also aren’t our faults right? So why are we the ones being treated this way? (They don’t ignore my parents, probably because of PR. But with kids, they wouldn’t bother much about maintaining good relationships right. That’s probably why.)

I just wish people would be more objective in the way they choose people to ignore.